Understanding the Land subdivision Process

Understanding the Land subdivision Process

A Step by step guide


1⃣ Do a title deed search.
Search the land on Ardhisasa platform which will tell you it the land has any restrictions that prevent you from subdividing it. Restrictions may include the land being used as a collateral for a loan, etc.

2⃣ Look for R.I.M
Get a surveyor to help you get a Registry Index Map which shows the map of the land to subdivide. The cost of this will depend on the size of the land

3⃣ Confirm measurements.
Your surveyor then takes measurements and sets the boundary marks

4⃣ Subdivision Plan.
The surveyor creates a subdivision plan that needs to be signed by a physical planner who will issue a Physical Planning Act (PPA1) form.

5⃣ Forwarding the blue prints.
The Blueprints are then taken to the County lands office which will approve and issue the PPA2.

6⃣ Lands Board
The land owner visits the land control Board, which meets once a month, with their spouse to explain the reason for subdividing the land .

7⃣ Set the boundary marks
After getting consent from the land control, the surveyor will then set the boundary marks.

8⃣ Signing of the Land transfer docs.
The surveyor and land owner then sign the Land Transfer documents and take all the mentioned documents to the local survey office who will assign new plot numbers.

9⃣ Tittle deed Registration
The documents are then taken to the County Registries to register the title deeds

➡️ Amendment of the Land Map.
Finally, The new title deed registration documents are taken to the Survey of Kenya office to amend the Lands Map.

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